Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lest we forget: the ABp of York in 1993

Something someone asked me about prompted me to look up an earlier Blog post on the Act of Synod. These words of the then-Archbishop of York speaking in the House of Lords make poignant reading:
People have said, “Well, it is possible to revert an Act of Synod”. Of course, it is possible to revert anything, even legislation. However, as I am sure that your Lordships realise, it is not very easy to reverse things in the Church of England; indeed, it is not easy to do anything in the Church of England, especially if one is trying to undo something. Any motion of that kind requires the approval of all three Houses. Therefore, once you have something, it is really quite hard to get rid of it. I believe that the House can, with confidence, vote for the Measures before us unamended. I feel that we will all come together and that the synod will, next week, see the point of enshrining this treasured diversity of the Church of England in the Act of Synod.
People need to understand, this is why trust has been so hard to gain. We have memories!

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