Revelation Unwrapped
Taking the Worry out of God's Word

Five talks live at the Chelmsford Anglican Bible Conference 

Front cover of the book

"The talks are really helpful. I have always found Revelation daunting, not  to say  alarming ever  since I first read it aged 12. What you have done  is to  gently  and carefully take one through it showing both its unity  and  its  message of hope, and for that I thank you."

From reviews of the book:
"Jehovah's Witnesses have a lot to say about the book of Revelation -  but this book unwraps the mystery and reveals the truth about the  truth."
- Maxine, an ex-Jehovah's Witness

"The understanding of the structure of Revelation is invaluable. This  book makes Revelation intelligible to the average Christian."
- Rev Dr Mark Burkhill

Sample the audio: the second talk FREE (chapters 6-11 - please note, the sound quality is reduced in this free file)

All five talks (high quality audio including talk 2), plus a pdf file outline of Revelation for just £3. (60Mb zipped file.) Payments are via PayPal or card. Any problems or questions, please e-mail me via the link in the left-hand column.

Download FREE handouts (340Kb zipped file - please note, these are my latest handouts for lectures and don't exactly match what is in the talks, but you may find them a useful summary of Revelation and helpful to work from yourself or in a study group)

Sample the book Revelation Unwrapped: here (pdf file)

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