Thursday, 14 February 2013

What Male Headship Has to Tell us About Doing Evangelism.

As a blogger, I confess to keeping a careful eye on the number of 'hits' on my blog. Whenever I post on things like 'male headship', 'women bishops' and  'same sex relationships', I can expect a flurry of them and a plethora of interaction from regular contributors.

Yesterday I wrote a long piece on evangelism - surely the 'core business' of the church. This included what I hope were some pertinent remarks on the content of the gospel and the receiving of the Holy Spirit.

Hit rate? Same as normal when I haven't written for a while. Comments? A couple. Interaction? Very little.

Makes me wonder if the Anglican blogosphere at least is more interested in the scandals than the mission.

BTW, I'm not sure 'male headship' has much to tell us about doing evangelism. I'm just testing a theory. But n ow you're here, you might want to read the other article (if I haven't just annoyed you too much).