Monday, 14 June 2010

Bad news about windscreen washing

I am alarmed to discover that, according an item on the BBC news, "Windscreen wiper water could be the cause of as many as 20% of cases of Legionnaires' disease in the UK."

Since this is the only way my car ever gets washed, what am I going to do now?

As a PS to this, have you noticed how if you wash your car, the dirt shows up within a couple of days, but if you then don't wash it at all, it doesn't go on getting more and more and more dirty? There is a point at which no more dirt will stick to your car. At that point, it effectively becomes self-cleaning.

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  1. Either wait for it to rain! Then you can wash in the say knowledge of not get Legionnaires disease. The downside, apart from the obvious, is you may scratch your car because of all volcanic ash or sand in the water. So it looks like lose/lose. Or take your car to one of those little outfits that will wash it for you.

    Richard Wood
    East London

  2. I believe in washing car sparingly as it helps to save the environment. I try to leave it out in the rain - natural washing and have been known to rush out with a sponge in a downpour to take some of the scales of dirt off, to lighten its load and improve fuel consumption.

  3. If your read the article you will discover that "adding screen wash could completely remove the risk." Failure to wash your car especially in winter is likely to promote corrosion and shorten the life of the car

  4. Plan 1. Sell the car.
    Plan 2. Get the colour least likely to show the dirt so freely given by Britains Highways and Byeways. Choose your car colour according to your surroundings perhaps - imagine then trying the to find your car in the local monotone carpark!
    So, which is the least likely colour to show the colour? Perhaps Gunmetal Grey - it has a headstart!!