Monday, 14 June 2010

60 today and no bus pass!

I am strangely annoyed to discover that, despite being 60 today, I am not yet entitled to a bus pass! Due to changes in age of eligibility I have to wait until the 6th September.

I don't believe it!

(Still, at least I have a riposte to all those "bus pass" jokes.)

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  1. Remember to register for your Winter Heating Allowance, if you don't, you could miss out for another year.

  2. Are there any Buses in Ugley for you to use it, when you are finally entitled.

    Richard Wood

    East London

  3. Winter Heating Allowance, no problem. Unless you are, like me, born in the first week of October in which case you have to wait until you are 61 to get it.

  4. Thanks for the comments, and yes there are buses in Ugley, and I gather it also works on the Cambridge 'Park and Ride'.

  5. Happy Birthday seems an appropriate comment.

    David Brock

  6. Your Bus Pass also works on the Tilbury Ferry, should you ever need it.

  7. Just wait for the discussion at the bus stops regarding late buses - such fury could have stopped world wars long before a second campaign. Even first campaigns thinking of it..... scary senior citizens and filled shopping bags!!

  8. I think that passing the time waiting for the bus with you for company would be infinately more interesting than the usual - though important - discussion of the expected percentage and chance of rain occuring within the next 24 hours.

    Perhaps you could a 'Bus Stop' book? .... Maybe Bus Stop Theology?
    Maybe it could begin "It looks like...... "

    Happy Birthday John!!

  9. ..WRITE.. a 'Bus Stop' book. And I'd looked so carefully too. Ooops!