Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bad Vestments

But good for a laugh ...

... and don't forget to look through the archive!

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  1. Wow that's quite a collection - didn't see your picture though John :-)

  2. Warning - it could make you go blind.

    Ah, I can't cope with this.

    A bit surplice, you miter guessed.

  3. Seriously, I have in my time worn some quite good vestments. Am I wrong to suppose that the traditional vestment does not work with the modern conception of art?

    That could be a whole discussion in itself!

  4. Very Funny but couldn't tell the difference between the Clowns and the Clerics!

    A Baptist friend of mine wondered allowed that Mitres reminded him of a Phallic Symbol and that there wearers too often looked like one.

    Richard Wood

    East London

  5. No collection of bad vestments is complete without Ketherine Jefferts-Schorri's infamous oven-mitt mitre.

  6. For the edification of the readers of The Ugley Vicar I have posted a pictures of the Presiding Bishop in her rainbow robes and oven-mitt mitre with two articles on women bishops on my web log Anglicans Ablaze at I have also posted a picture of the Presiding Bishop in a pants suit with my own article, "How Are They to Believe," which examines how the Anglican Church in North America, in not giving a central place to the Thirty-Nine Articles in its teaching and life, is also not giving a central place to the gospel of divine grace.

    Robin G. Jordan,
    Murray, Kentucky

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