Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Phillip Jensen's website

I was surprised to find today that Phillip Jensen has his own website - surprised because it's clearly been around for some time, and I didn't know it existed.

Phillip is a friend (not a close one, but a friend nevertheless) and a great evangelical preacher and teacher. I am delighted to be able to recommend his website.

Go there! Now!


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  1. It's difficult for me though, John, I land there and see audio like 'Submissive wives and mothers' which looks like it was the preach for Mother's Day, I shudder and I want to look away.

    Maybe one day, when I've plucked up the courage!;-)
    Thanks anyway

  2. Rachel - what's to fear? If he's right it will be helpful, if he's wrong it will sharpen your theology. OK - it is scary, but he ain't Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens, out to make you lose your faith!

  3. Rachel,

    " maybe one day, when I've plucked up the courage!"

    Is this simply becuase you have a distaste of theology that promotes complementarianism or is it because if Jensen is right, it could undermine your raison d' etre for ordained ministry?

    Chris Bishop

  4. I think it's the former, Chris. I'm trying to get over it but the egalitarian/complementarian divide fascinates me and actually yes, John, looking into these things is sharpening up my theology. I'm realising the extent to which complementarians and egalitarians talk past each other and polarise each other and this is helpful. I think ESS and questions regarding submission/subordinationism are the key Christian debates of our time, outside the whole issues in human sexuality thing. Not sure whether I can add Jenson to my blogroll though, Grudem, Piper and CBMW keep me fairly busy as it is. ;-)

  5. Maybe if all the men emasculated themselves and the women reproduced by artificial insemination then women could rule both the church and the world. Men? Who needs them?

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