Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wycliffe Hall inspection report available online

The 'long-awaited' inspectors' report on Wycliffe Hall Theological College may be found here as a pdf file - long-awaited because of the apparent shenanigans there that excited so much interest a year or so ago (can it be so long?).

Reading very, very briefly, there are a number of critical comments and recommendations as one would expect, but generally the report is positive, concluding,

136 Wycliffe Hall’s body of staff and students is united in the common purpose of forming ordinands, women as much as men, for leadership in the Church of England. Today, the Hall displays a rich mosaic of Evangelical traditions that come together in a community that shows respect for difference, and in which women are fully accepted and integrated.

137 It is the considered and prayerful judgment of the Inspection Team that Wycliffe Hall is, with the qualifications mentioned, fit for the purpose of preparing men and women for ordained ministry in the Church of England.

Praise the Lord, and if you want to read the report for St Stephen's House (also Oxford), that is available here.

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  1. Did you see the scurrilous headline in CEN today: "Wycliffe Hall fails inspection" It's not until you read the story that it's clear the failure was only in pastoral/practical theology and the rest of the report was broadly positive.

  2. Neil, I wouldn't say nothing surprises me in journalism, but very little does!

  3. And also when you read the article it becomes clear that St Stephens also 'failed' in exactly the way that Wycliffe did. Huh.

    Ros Clarke

  4. I'm rather late to this party, but as a 1995 Wycliffe leaver I'm not surprised that there is improvement needed in the pastoral/practical theology area. My own placements could have been greatly improved by more intentional, all-round experiences and more hands-on, ongoing assessment by both the supervising incumbent(s) and by the college. My Wycliffe training in Biblical and systematic theology is holding me in good stead in ministry work 15 years later, but from the start I found myself tripping up on practical parish matters, not having been been exposed to many important aspects of ministry in my placements.

    Kathy Horstman (BTh Oxon)
    Beaver, PA, USA