Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The scope is back - and here's Saturn

Thanks to the very nice man at Telescope House in Tunbridge Wells, the telescope is back and working! I managed to get a shot at Saturn last night. I think there was some dew on the lens, as the picture isn't as sharp as I would have hoped, but it was very cold!

Funnily enough, the last time I think I have been that cold was also when doing some astronomy, back at Keele University in the winter of early 1970.

BTW, you can't just wipe the dew off! That would ruin a very expensive piece of kit - you have to get a dew shield (mine is broken!!!) or a heating element to go round the telescope tube.

Update 20 March

I posted this on the Society for Popular Astronomy website, where I'm a member. You can now see the (much improved) pictures I took the next night, and also see a link to some truly astonishing work from the world-famous Pete Lawrence, who seems to have personal access to a spaceship.

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