Friday, 11 July 2008

Synod Vote: Liberals take heart

From the Modern Churchpeople's (formerly Churchman's) Union blog on their conference this week, at which Gene Robinson has also spoken.

[...] a lot of the conference did what it was meant to do - to support and encourage liberals who may have been feeling beleagered. There is a sense that the ecclesiastical wind has changed with Foca and the vote of women bishops in Synod - and the liberals have taken heart. We can and should stand up for the kind of church we want.

And, somewhat cynically, perhaps it means people think they can start to settle back into the church they had been used too, as if into a worn and comfortale armchair. It won't be possible. Too much has already changed. But maybe now the agenda will be about the kinds of changes we can hope and work for. It's just beginning to look as if the future for the church won't be dominated by defending against the most conservatives. Read more

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