Thursday, 10 July 2008

Know thyself

This is for all of us (we know who we are, don't we?) who just have to read blogs that we disagree with and then post comments to put the author right.

I know its a repeat posting, but it still makes me laugh.

And yes, before you post and put me right, I do know it includes me!

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  1. Oh my - that is so me too, made me laugh out loud. John, I thought it appropriate to ask you in return - 'What does your wife make of all this?'

  2. No wife - not until Saturday week. You're the first to 'out' me on this blog!

  3. And for those of you out there with wives already, watch this

    And if I may also add as a single man for 58 years, "We're tired of hearing about your wife, kids, etc!"

  4. So glad to be the first to get you to come 'out' - by the way that's only a joke - I couldn't resist in current climate - no seriously - congratulations.
    Every blessing Rachel.

  5. I'll add my congratulations and blessings too! Have a happy and blessed day.