Wednesday, 2 July 2008

GAFCON petition for individuals

Following today’s meetings at All Souls Langham Place, a petition is available for signature online here for those individuals within the Church of England in England who wish to indicate their solidarity with the GAFCON movement. The wording of the petition is,

"I stand in solidarity with the Jerusalem Declaration and Statement on the Global Anglican Future."

The Jerusalem Declaration and Statement may be read here.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm sure that the gafcon inititiave will prove to have been necessary. Ideally it will push lambeth into proceeding with a meaningful covanent. More probably the All Souls speakers were surely right in anticipating that the covenant will be effectively stalled by the Americans. In which case the gafcon statement & fellowship of confessing anglcians will come into its own. Am very encouraged that Pete Broadbent & Tom Wright appear to be keeping their options open of getting on board with Gafcon in this eventuality.

    However whilst understanding entirely why Gafcon felt it wanted to define orthodoxy by the 39 articles; I wonder if this might not limit the number of English clergy & parishes outside of our reform constituency who feel able to get on board?

    There is also, it seems to me a different set of problems with reiteritaing the place of the BCP. Despite immense strengths, the BCP is surely problematic in its lack of any mention of mission & its sailing so close to the wind in regard to baptismal regeneration.

    Andrew Dawswell, North Staffordshire