Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Dead Teenagers Society: Make that 30

Update 29 May, now 31

The beating to death of Amar Aslam, 17, brings to 30 my tally of teenagers murdered in the UK so far this year, though the Daily Telegraph makes it only 29. Names, ages and ethnicity (you're proportionately more likely to be a victim if non-white) are as follows:

W=White, NW=Non-white

Sharmaarke Hassan, 17 (NW)

Amar Aslam, 17 (NW)
Rob Knox, 18 (W)
Jimmy Mizen, 16 (W)
Lyle Tulloch, 15 (NW)
Robert Spence, 17 (NW)

Adam Paton, 17 (W)
Jack Steadman, 19 (W)
Ashley Horton, 16 (W)
Nathan Lyons, 17 (W)
Amro Elbadawy, 14 (NW)

Devoe Roach, 17 (NW)
Ross Davidson 19 (W)
Ryan Hyden, 19 (W)
Joshua Mitchell, 17 (W)
Nicholas Clarke, 19 (NW)

Samantha Bennett, 19 (W)
Michael Jones, 18 (NW)
Ahmed Ibrahim, 17 (NW)
Ofiyke Nmezu, 16 (NW)
Tung Le, 17 (NW)

Sunday Essiet, 15 (NW)
Joe Dinsdale, 17 (W)
Fuad Buraleh, 19 (NW)
Christopher Johnston, 17 (?)
Boduka Mudianga, 18 (NW)

Bradley Whitfield, 16 (W)
Faridon Alizada, 18 (NW)
Alexander Holdroyd, 19 (?)
Henry Bolombi, 17 (NW)
Louis Braithwaite, 16 (NW)

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