Thursday, 6 September 2007

Still Life, Stage 2

Still Life 2
At Stage 2, I've worked more on the grapes, but most of the effort has gone into the bottle, which I'm very happy with. I hit on a great colour, using French ultramarine and Indian yellow. The latter is a fantastic transparent colour, and so I've allowed the canvas to show through the paint. The result is there's no white in the top part of the bottle (above the table cloth), apart from the highlights. The tonal range is just thickness of paint, which keeps the colour clean.

After Stage 1, I also added some 'wine' to the glass. Actually, it is pomegranate juice (not that I don't drink wine, but I'm not having good wine sit around gathering fruit flies while I paint it). Unfortunately, it is the wrong colour for the bottle, but it is the right colour for the grapes, and we have to work with what we've got.

I've widened the glass a bit, but realised I'd made a mess of the perspective on the glass rim, so I've taken this back to the canvas and will work on it later. The next step will have to be the grapes as I think they're already beginning to dry out a bit. When you consider the still life paintings which contain fruit, fish and game, you suspect they were showing off: "I can finish this before it all becomes a smelly mess."

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