Monday, 14 October 2013

JAEC 2013: Talks Now Online

In September this year we held the third 'Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference' (aka 'Jake'). The talks from that conference are now online, courtesy of Church Society.

'Talks' were, of course, only part of what went on at the conference, so don't judge the whole by the parts, but you may enjoy listening to them.

JAEC 2014 is now planned for the 8th-10th September at King's Park Conference Centre, Northampton. It is open to first-post incumbents, curates, ordinands and 'enquirers' of an evangelical Anglican persuasion and the theme is 'The Effective Anglican: Seizing the Opportunities in the Church of England's Ministry'.

JAEC is organized by a small group of Conservative Evangelicals, so that theology under-girds what we do, but the Conferences are open to anyone who supports the overall aim of 'the transformation of the Church for the proclamation of the gospel'. On that basis, women are welcome.

If you'd like to register for next year's conference, or enquire, please use the email link to the right.

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