Saturday, 20 July 2013

Confident and Equipped. The 3rd Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference, 9-11 September 2013

Exploring ordination? Ordinand? Curate? Early years of incumbency? This is for you!

Confident & Equipped

Our task of proclaiming the gospel to our nation faces serious challenges and calls for a renewed Church. This conference will help prepare us to meet those challenges and shape the future of the denomination as conīŦdent and equipped Anglican Evangelicals.

In the Programme:
Bible Readings - ‘Do Not Be Ashamed’ from Lee Gatiss
Simon Austen on Staying in the Church of England
Ben Cooper on Positive Complementarianism
Sam Allberry on Human Sexuality

Workshops on Selection, Curacies, Rural Ministry, Non-Evangelical Parishes, Guarding Your Heart, Engaging in Deanery and Diocese, Urban Ministry, Building Ministry Teams

King's Park Conference Centre, Northamptonshire, Monday 9th-Wednesday 11th September 2013. Full cost £130. Day rates available on enquiry.

Bookstall by '10 of Those'.

JAEC began as an initiative in 2010 to encourage the development of a new generation of denominational leaders. That is why it focuses on those exploring full-time ministry or in the early years. It welcomes Anglican Evangelicals who are committed to the principles of the proclamation of the gospel of Christ for the salvation of the nation and the transformation of the Church of England to be an effective vehicle for that proclamation.

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  1. Here is some suggested church website wording for a much-needed discussion at the Conference on Openness and Integrity for Male Headship Evangelical Ministers.

    This is an example of what should be added to the 'About Us' or 'What We Believe' section of your websites:

    'Some/All of our ministers agree with the doctrine of male headship, which means that only men preach and lead in our church. Women are encouraged to develop their ministry with women and children, and serve in other ways.'

    It would be wise not to miss the chance to sort this issue out for yourselves.

  2. Yes - and let's have all the other churches put up a short statement of their views on Ephesians 5 saying why they don't apply it to ministry issues. Then we'll have real openness.

  3. Excellent idea. Will get going on this for our own church. Thank you.