Thursday, 30 May 2013

St John's, Nottingham, Conference on Diocesan Church Growth Strategies

Not sure how I missed the fact that this was going on, but thanks to Thinking Anglicans, I found that St John's College, Nottingham (my old alma mater)has been hosting a conference on church growth strategies in various dioceses.

Haven't had the remotest chance to read through the material yet, but there is a blog summary here at the Opinionated Vicar blog, which I hope to wade through!!

Surely this is VASTLY more important than most of the other stuff that takes up bloggers' time?

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  1. couldn't agree more john, this is the sort of thing we should be spending our energy on. opinionated vicar is well worth visiting for all the relevant links.
    andy griffiths, sw chelmsford


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  2. There is one being run in Durham in September run by Centre for Church Growth:

    Some interesting contributors too