Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rob Bell's train wreck on same-sex sex

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  1. Why is it, within a church context, that the people who like to say the most controversial things least want to be pinned down about what they've just said?

    Darren Moore

  2. Good question, Darren. Often I think it has to do with accountability to church authorities, although in Bell's case I don't know who that would be, since he seems to be a "free agent".
    John, who is the other chap trying to pin him down?

  3. This is a good analysis by James White:


    I recenty tried to read Bell's "Love Wins", but...i failed! Because there was nothing to read. It was like trying to chew a cup of coffee.

  4. Obviously not a Turkish Coffee then!

  5. You're a whining cunt Richardson... Always nit-picking and fault finding... You're like an old fish wife or the kind of nasty harridan usually found among the pews. But that is what Christians seem good at - whining, whinging and thinking the worst of people. Sad, nasty, insignificant, little man. If it wasn't for queer bashing or misogyny in some shape or you'd have nothing to say - and that is really sad ain't it...? Even sadder are the saddos that bitch and carp in agreement with you. So much for salt and light... All we get here is bile and vitriol!

  6. "All we get here is bile and vitriol"
    Yea, thine own lips testify against thee, Anon.

  7. Gentlemind: "I recenty tried to read Bell's "Love Wins", but...i failed! Because there was nothing to read. It was like trying to chew a cup of coffee."

    G I couldn't agree more. FYI Dr Jon Zens has written a very clear, short, and very readable critique of "Love Wins" by Bell. (Only about £2/3 from Amazon or similar).
    I would strongly recommend a reading of this as Zens graciously but very firmly presents sound answers to Bell' s universalism It is called "Christ Minimized? - A Response to Rob Bell's Love Wins. Ekklesia Press

  8. Dear Ugley Vicar
    You can tell you are winning the argument when the opposition have nothing to say but snarling, incoherent curses. And they obviously have nothing better to do than try to intimidate people of reason and sound debate. They won't succeed. You are winning. God bless you.

  9. Andrew Godsall, Exeter17 May 2013 at 11:03

    Sadly I thought it just proved that Andrew Wilson was incapable of seeing that simple answers don't work with complex questions.