Wednesday, 6 February 2013

It doesn't refute same-sex marriage arguments ...

... but when Alice Arnold, writing in support, says in the Daily Telegraph, "If I win the lottery you do not become poorer", she shows a worrying lack of joined-up thinking.

Of course people become poorer if you win the lottery.

You see, this is how the lottery works. You all put in a bit of money. Then you draw 'lots' to decide who takes most of it. The winner of this 'lottery' gets to be richer. The person or organization running the lottery also gets richer - every time. The others all get to be poorer, but not by so much that they notice it straight away, so they'll give it another try in the hope that it might be them.

Actually, the way the lottery works, the people most likely to become poorer are the poor.

Oh, and by the way, there are arguments against same-sex marriage that don't depend on religious belief or mentioning 'Adam and Steve'.

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