Monday, 26 March 2012

Orion's Belt

"The galaxy is on Orion's Belt." Well, as those who watched Men in Black know, that's both true and not true. But here's a picture of the same belt from tonight's fantastic view of the heavens. (Shot with a tripod mounted pentax K100, 31 frames processed in Deep Sky Stacker and tweaked with Serif photoplus.)

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  1. Awww, beautiful, John! I came out of school Governors and said "Wow, look at that sky!" Dashed home and grabbed at least my binoculars. Loving the colours in your photo!

  2. Why not piggyback the camera in order to minimize the tracking issues?

  3. I've got a bracket to piggy back the camera, but no counter weights and the motor of a Meade ETX is about as 'robust' as the mechanism of a cheap music box. So at the moment, it's short exposures and stacking.