Monday, 6 February 2012

My 4thought contribution on same-sex marriages in places of worship

Here's what happens when you speak for an hour and someone else edits it down to 90 seconds. I'm not totally disappointed, but they certainly left out some of the stuff I would have liked in, and I would have dropped entirely the last 30 seconds. I'd be the first to say the theology went missing, but it was there, honest!

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  1. "Here's what happens when you speak for an hour and someone else edits it down...."

    Imagine what happens when forty or so years elapse? But you still hold the gospels as the actual words and life of Jesus... (Recorded with out the aid of digital video recording, just the dull memories of a few with their own axe to grind) Or the words of the old testament sometimes written 500 yrs after the events are true and real. But here you complain your words have been altered or misrepresented. Can the two, belief & annoyance be reconciled?

    Well it is unlikely many will watch it - I don't think anyone except the friends and acquaintances of the speaker watch chanel 4s little concession to PBS remit.

  2. Well, I was going to say "Imagine the gospels being edited by Romans".