Friday, 10 February 2012

Anglican Evangelical Junior Clergy Conference 2012: "Change or Decay?"

The second Anglican Evangelical Junior Clergy Conference

Change or Decay?
The future for Anglican evangelicals 
in an evangelizing Anglican church

16th - 18th July 2012
The King's Park Conference Centre, Northampton

As the councils of the Church continue to focus their energies elsewhere, the conversion of England seems as far off as it was in 1945, when the report Towards the Conversion of England was first published.
Yet there are 'green shoots'. Dioceses are beginning to develop plans for growth. The number of evangelical ordidands going into full-time parish ministry remains high. The quality of evangelical theological training is as good as it has ever been.

The second Anglican Evangelical Junior Clergy Conference aims to build on the first, identifying and encouraging a new generation of leaders and strengthening evangelical commitment to the Church of England, whilst seeking ways in which to promote evangelism as the priority in every part of the Church.

The conference invites attendance from those in the first seven years of incumbency, in a first curacy, in training, going through the selection process or thinking about it!

The cost is £130. To book, please contact Mrs Linda Peake, lmpeake1[remove this bit]
For further enquiries, contact John Richardson via the e-mail link in the left hand column of this blog.

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  1. With the recent decision to push ahead with Women bishops, how are younger clergy going to react? The older clergy may retire, but the younger ones, it seems must fish or cut bait.

  2. that an invitation to women curates and incumbents too - not being cheeky...genuinely want to know.

  3. I'd assume ladies too - nothing in the description to say otherwise.

    Like the first poster I do wonder how said younger (male) clergy will fare if they find themselves at odds with whatever's voted through in July. Here's holding our breath for five months....


  4. Dan,
    This is how these institutions keep people around, they dangle something in front of them for five months, until the next distraction arises. Are people satisfied with being treated like prey? The last thing that the hierarchy want, though, is for people to begin voting with their feet. They assume that the general public, and many of the parochial clergy, are really that gullible and stupid. Unfortunately, they are quite correct in that assumption.

  5. RMB, what you say makes very good sense, as strategy. What I'd like to know though is, why does said institution of the CoE want to bother keeping people around if they're going to be turbulent priests/laity?


  6. John,

    This conference sounds great. I sent you an email. It may be in your junk mail? Is this where all your Australian emails end up?

  7. Dan,
    Its rather simple, they do not want any competition. They enjoy being the only show in town. I'm a presbyter so it is simple enough for my family to get along, but what I've advocate is people using this "time-out" to study and pray for some direction. We've been in this mode for almost nine years and there still seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, but we aren't giving-up. It takes courage and conviction to say "we're not standing for this crap any longer" and then voting with our feet.

  8. Good explanation again RMB. However, your mention of "nine years" suggests you think this began with the John/Robinson affairs. Isn't there a sense in which we've actually been in this position for more like 20 years?

    Things could easily come to a decisive head in July, in which case I hope the presbyters affected will have the courage to do just what you suggest.

    Also Rachel, if you're following this thread - what would you consider an acceptable form of the final legislation?


    1. Dan,
      I wasn't referring to nine years in terms of Robinson, but in terms of the last time that I was in full-time ministry. It was merely a coincidence. We shall see what, if anything, happens come July. A friend of mine, Barry Shucksmith resigned from the ministry of the C of E after Women's ordination was introduced. The Continuing/Alternative Episcopalians in the ACNA are dodging the issue of Women's episcopacy so far, but they have a mix of those who have women priests and those who don't. The impetus will be towards expanding the circle of those who do, I suspect, based on the precedent in the Episcopal Church. They deny, thus far, that they will introduce Women as bishops, but I think that they are just stalling. The options for Churchmen, and by that I mean also women, who oppose this is becoming extremely limited. What would one do if one were an Orthodox Jew in a place where there was no Orthodox synagogue? There might be a Conservative synagoge, but they have a female rabbi. The alternative would be to stay home or travel periodically to some place else. This is what I foresee for Anglicans who find themselves in similar situations. The question remains, where else would they be able to go to?

  9. Apologies for non-replies/responses. I have been away and out of any serious internet access.

    Rachel - yes please, do apply, at the e-mail address for Linda Peake.

  10. Hi Dan

    I have posted on General synod over at Revising Reform. Since getting ordained into the Church of England I have discovered that my closest brothers and sisters are often Reform evangelicals, despite their views regarding someone like me. I am a deacon, in my first year, I have begun to pray increasingly into what it will mean for my close relationships on becoming a priest. Re Women bishops, I very much hope that my evo brothers and sisters continue to campaign for an authentic Anglicanism, else I will be left swimming in an ever-increasingly liberal sea and it's hard to swim well against the tide. I think Rowan's words about derivation and delegation are helpful. If we are more able to see authority coming from God rather than another human being, there should not be as much problem for conservative evangelicals as popular press is predicting. I am hoping they continue to stay within the fold and remain radical.

  11. Where can we find out more information about the Junior conference ie speakers and subjects etc?

  12. Hi Rachel. I suggest you sign up for the Facebook group. At the moment it is 'flexible' - but we have Caroline Boddington lined up and are hoping for a certain bishop. The theme will still be how to move towards an evangelizing church.

  13. Sorry, the link is

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