Friday, 20 January 2012

Real Easter Eggs

In the usual spirit of responsible journalism, I haven't had time to check all the details on this one, but apparently there are 'Real Easter Eggs' out there that some supermarkets aren't interested in stocking.

They seem like a pretty good idea. Easter eggs are an extortionate way to buy chocolate generally. If it's chocolate you want, just buy a big, cheap slab of the stuff. Cadbury's Dairy Milk in the mega-size usually does me for a while.

But if you're going to spend money on Easter Eggs, surely you might as well do it wisely. So here's a direct link to the Real Easter Egg site, where you can order them. They're Traidcraft and all that, so the guilt of expensive chocolate is somewhat assuaged.

Apparently the Bishop of Chelmsford also thinks this is a good idea - another reason at the moment for appreciating his ministry.

Chocolate and a chance to 'stick it to the man'. What's not to like (as they say)?

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  1. Wonderful idea in theory John. I suspect the reality might be less so.
    While I always support Tradecraft/Fair Trade when possible, the product sadly, is often inferior to that offered in the 'exploitive' zone.
    Certainly where coffee is concerned (another of my addictions), the named brands are invariably better quality.
    A dark (black) chocolate lover, I find nearly everything on offer from ethical producers, tends to be milk chocolate.

  2. Well, as a chocolate snob myself I find the Divine dark chocolate with raspberries and the one with ginger and orange really nice - they also actually do an 85% cocoa chocolate as well as a 70% though I think 85% is a bit too bitter personally.... There's also green & blacks maya gold and the organic seed and bean company do a fair trade dark chocolate with lime and one with lavender.

    I've been told what you say about coffee before but my own palate in coffee is very unrefined so I'm quite happy with fair trade instant - sometimes an inferior palate is advantageous!!!


  3. Thanks to the vigilance of the wife of our rector, we ordered these last year in the Parish of the Icknield Way Villages. They were a great success.

    David Brock

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