Sunday, 29 January 2012

Just a beautiful thing

'Nursery Chimes' is one of my favourite-ever pieces of music. I have it on CD, but it is even more amazing watching it live.

The technique is interesting -- 'harmonic harping'. Watch Giltrap's forefinger, which creates the 'harmonic' -- the point along the string where the harmonic vibration occurs. His left hand is also fingering the strings whilst his right forefinger creates teh harmonics. Meanwhile, he is plucking the strings between the harmonic point and the bridge.

Brilliant! A wonderful sound and a wonderful tune.

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  1. Fascinating. Have never heard of it or him before, but an astonishing technique. He appears to need three hands, but I didn't notice a 'spare'.

  2. He's mostly self-taught. By coincidence, he and I bought our first proper guitars from the same shop. I'm a great fan of his - got lots of his CDs. When I first flew out to Australia on my own in 1993, I rather appropriately had his 'Perilous Journey' on my Walkman.

    Check out some of his other stuff on YouTube.

  3. Rt Rev Dominic Stockford30 January 2012 at 16:42

    Perilous journey indeed - solo flights to Oz have always been dangerous...

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