Saturday, 3 December 2011

Seriously insane

As someone with no head for heights, I am especially fascinated by this video. You can get the general idea early on and then skip a bit, but don't miss the end!

I couldn't help wondering what the guy's pulse rate was. I notice he didn't wear a helmet, presumably because if anything went wrong it wasn't going to do more than help them find his head afterwards.

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  1. I don't know who was more stupid - the guy in the digger or the TV presenter who stood under it!

  2. A great illustration of faith as a seriously practical matter, the demonstration of belief.

    He knew it was possible, he had the equipment made, he practiced the moves, he did the stunt.

    It looks crazy to the rest of us, but he (and the presenter) demonstrated faith in doing as they did.

    Faith is TRUST, not just believing something is true.

    He demonstrated his belief by doing the stunt. A Christian demonstrates their faith by trusting God, particularly in trusting in Christ, and living in the light of that.

    It's not as "mechanical" as this stunt, but the principle of faith is the same.