Friday, 16 December 2011

Rev., the Happy Ending?

Earlier today I posted about the BBC sitcom  Rev. At least, it is called a sitcom, but there didn't seem to be much 'com' in episode 6.

There is, however, a seventh episode scheduled for next week, so perhaps all is going to come good in time for Christmas (in our time, if not theirs).

That being the case, what will happen?

For Adam and Alex, the answer's obvious - she gets pregnant. That would be nice for them, and no one could begrudge their 'success'. Plus we'd no longer have to watch clips of them having desperate sex.

For Adam personally (given his apparent pledge), giving up the booze and cigarettes would also be a plus (and would make kissing him a nicer experience for Alex - see above). Everyone wins.

Alcoholic unemployed Colin is another easy one. Drying out. Getting a job (and keeping it). Sorted.

Adoha needs a man who is not called Adam Smallbone. I doubt whether it should be Colin and it is scarcely conceivable that it could be Mick unless his schizophrenia clears up.

The latter seemed to be making progress in a slightly sideways manner in an earlier episode, but I doubt whether he is yet husband material. However, if Santa brings him a new toothbrush he might reap the benefits in other ways.

Headmistress Ellie could probably also do with a bloke. She had one a couple of episodes ago, but he got killed in a traffic collision (fans of Hot Fuzz please note, not a 'road accident'). Which reminds me, there don't seem to be too many stable relationships around St Saviour's in the Marsh.

Nigel, the Reader, desperately wanted to be a priest in episode 6, but that ain't gonna happen even in fiction (is it?). And apparently he's got a girlfriend. He does, however, spend an inordinate amount of time hanging around in St Saviour's itself, which is a pretty sad place, so perhaps 'a life' would be best for him.

The problematic one is gay Archdeacon Robert. He's been getting more 'openly' so since the second series began (I preferred it when it was obvious but un-stated - much more realistic in fact). What he wanted in episode 6 was to be made a bishop. What I wanted (until episode 6 where he was outed) was to see his expenses sheet, given his propensity for driving (or indeed in episode 6 just sitting) around in black cabs. What will the writers have under the tree for him? Unless the series heads off into some parallel universe, preferment will have to wait (at least until series 3). Of all the characters, oddly he's the one I could most see undergoing a profound spiritual transformation, so let's leave him with that and let's leave you, the reader, to decide what it would mean.

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