Monday, 24 October 2011

On the training of clergy in personal evangelism

An official Church of England report states the following: 

"In view of the immense opportunities open to parochial evangelism, it is alarming to discover how few of the clergy have been given any training in the work of an evangelist, such as in the art of preaching or of personal dealing with enquirers; how few, again, have been used of God to bring a soul to new birth; and how many are embarrassed and tongue-tied when the occasion offers of speaking to individuals about the deepest matters of their eternal welfare."

Of course, it was written sixty-six years ago. How things have changed since then. Or should that be, "How have things changed since then"? I'm honestly not sure.

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  1. How about a simple questionnaire to be used at a Deanery Chapter meeting, to find out? Perhaps using the words of the report above, and a five-point scale for response from "Lots 80%" to "None 0%"? And then average percentage results posted here? That would be interesting!

  2. John,
    Your quote must be from 'Towards the Conversion of England', a seminal document of 1945 often referred to in these pages, and fully endorsed by the then ABC, William Temple.

    The crux (if that is the right metaphor to use) of the problem is contained within the report's title - does the church any more believe that the Conversion of England is desirable? If not that, then what?

    'Answer in ten words or less - what is the Church for?'