Friday, 30 September 2011


A bit over exposed, but it's the first time I've had the telescope out for over a year. Here is an image of Jupiter taken from my back garden at about 10.30 pm. If you look carefully, you can see one of the four 'Galilean' moons just to the right. Not sure which one! There is another one off to the left towards the edge. Two more visible to the right through the telescope.

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  1. That's delightful. With no telescope, the nearest I've got is a highly-cropped and rather blurry picture of the full moon in a clear sky.

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more I am amazed by your picture - to be able to raise a telescope and picture such a great planet, so far away. I'm reminded of something John Lennox said at the CABC yesterday - curiosity, research, exploration as a quality of human life.

    Thank you! (for both)

    Dominic Webb

  2. I think you caught Callisto on the left and Europa on the right.

    1. Informative articles and news, great to read all the responses and input, thanks for your contributions and opinions.