Thursday, 23 June 2011

Civil Partnerships - request for information

Does anyone out there know where I can find the actual wording for a Civil Partnership Registration Schedule?

I have hunted high and low and although I can find many references to it, I can't find the wording anywhere.

Just post a comment below if you can help.

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  1. Order of Ceremony

    * Background music of your choice can be played as your guests are seated
    * Entrance of the couple (either together or separately)
    * A welcome and introduction
    * A reading by one of your guests (optional)
    * One or both of the couple is ‘given away’ (optional)
    * Declaration that both are free to enter into a Civil Partnership
    * Any personal vows or promises (optional)
    * The exchange of rings (optional)
    * Another reading by one of your guests (optional)
    * The Signing of the Schedule
    * Announcement that Civil Partnership has now been formed
    * Presentation of Commemorative Certificate
    * Photographs
    * Exit of the couple

    Any music, readings or additional vows should be of a non-religious nature, and must be confirmed in advance to ensure their suitability for a civil ceremony.

    There is also a downloadable pdf at the site which gives suggested forms for readings.

  2. Hi UK. Thanks for this - BUT what I'm after is the actual bit of paper that is signed, which is called a Civil Partnership Registration Schedule, on the basis of which the Registrar enters the partnership in the register of partnerships.

    The only legal requirement is the signing of the schedule and that is why I want to get hold of a copy of this particular document.

    I am thinking I may have to ask our local registrar to send me a copy!

  3. It's a bit blurred but you can work out most of the wording here:

  4. Finally found it here:

    Page 26.