Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Faces of Nationalism

I couldn't help noticing the similarities between these two pictures, the first from the Daily Mail showing Irish Nationalists the other from the Independent showing the English variety.

Apart from the prevailing colours of the flags, there does seem to be a remarkable similarity between the two, which may be because they are basically saying the same thing: "This is our country, and its been ruined by foreign influences and we want it back so it can be pure again."

Somehow, that always seems to bring out the rally-attending, flag-waving and arm-raising patriot in us.

So it's goodnight from him ...

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  1. Who was it said "patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel"?

  2. The difference is clear - only the English ones wear hoodies - discuss!!


  3. Elizabeth - it's national dress, like the kilt.

  4. The real tragedy is churches where racial and class distinctions (and all distinctions that result from the fall) are still apparent, even advocated.

  5. John Thomson - a few examples of such "advocacy" please?

    Dan Baynes
    Barton Seagrave