Sunday, 15 May 2011

Podcast: Debate with Christina Rees on Women's Ministry in the Anglican Church

The podcast for this is now available and can be downloaded here (I think!).

If that fails, try going here and follow the links for 'Unbelievable'.

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  1. Listened to it this morning. Thanks John for taking part.

    A few observations if I may....

    Christina spoke with her characteristic passion, but didn't really (on this programme at least) justify her dichotomy between (a) oppression of women and (b) total interchangeability of gender roles.

    Also, did you notice that when challenged directly on 1 Timothy 2, she asserted that it was cultural and then **immediately** switched to talking about 1 Corinthians 11, as though hiding behind that instead of giving reasons for thinking 1 Tim. was 'limited'?

    Meanwhile I'm interesting that you regard Ephesians 5 as the best place to begin for expounding your view. But given that it doesn't directly address the topic of debate, you needed to establish clear grounds for transferring its teaching from marriage to the church - and I'm not sure you managed to do that in the format you were under. Moreover it needs to be done in such a way that it doesn't automatically transfer to **every** other sphere, e.g. businesses or governments (?).

    I mention this partly because you said at one point that 1 Timothy 2 was "difficult"; but I don't see it as any more difficult than the task of using Ephesians 5 to argue against female presbyters/bishops.

    The matter of whether women may preach in mixed congregations even if not ordained is one to which the blog will doubtless return many times....

    Dan Baynes
    Barton Seagrave

  2. Sorry, "I'm interested" of course, not "interesting" (though maybe that too!!)


  3. PS loved your scorn on the 1975 Synod motion and vote!