Saturday, 14 May 2011

Encouraging the next generation of Evangelical Anglican leaders

Bookings for the Anglican Evangelical Junior Clergy Conference are coming in steadily, and we are glad to be able to announce that Professor Glynn Harrison will be joining us for part of the event.
Glynn is a Bishop’s Advisor on clergy selection and a member of the Crown Nominations Commission. He has a particular concern for the inclusion of Evangelicals in the senior leadership of the Church, and so will be able to speak to the Conference about both ‘ends’, as it were, of the selection process.
The aim of the Conference is to identify and encourage the next generation of Anglican Evangelical clergy leaders who will take on the strategic challenges for the Church of England of the mid twenty-first century. For some, the challenge will be to act as bishops.
The anticipated cost of the Conference is £115. To book, please send a cheque for £15 to Revd John Richardson, 39 Oziers, Elsenham, Bishop’s Stortford, HERTS CM22 6LS. To inquire further, please use the e-mail link at the bottom of the left hand column on this page. See the St Mark’s website for details of facilities and accommodation.
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  1. John, would you please ask Prof Harrison why only Oxbridge grads are appointed to senior positions in the C of E? (over 80% of Diocesan + Flying bishops were at Oxbridge).

  2. Mike, I can ask, and he will say (as was recently said by someone else to me in another context) that the workings of the Crown Nominations Commission are entirely confidential.

    Of course we could speculate - and perhaps we should!

  3. 80% is indeed an indication of bias. But even that pales besides what John hinted a little while ago, namely that for diocesans (not flying bishops obviously!), the post-1994 rate of appointment of 'feminists' has been 100%!

    Dan Baynes
    Barton Seagrave