Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Essex Art Gallery needs support

Just to get the focus off the other thing on the blog this morning.

Lindsell Art Gallery is a great little place, but looking at their website for opening times I saw the following.


The SPRING SHOW is well under way and it's a really good show with lots of new paintings and prints, jewellery, ceramics, glass, bronzes, silk, and some lovely local photography too.

But, like everywhere else it seems, sales are pretty dismal. We really do need more people to come and browse and to BUY – and help keep us in business.

Hayley is still very busy with picture framing, but we can't keep going on that alone.

Don't worry about the VAT increase, there is NO VAT at Lindsell Art Gallery!

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  1. thanks for the advert - one of many hidden gems in my benefice!

  2. I popped in today and bought earrings for Alison. Didn't know it was in yours.