Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A padre's blog

Regulars to this blog should have noticed by now that in my 'Blogroll' there is a link to the British Army blog. There are a number of reasons for this.

One is that with the way that events in Afghanistan are reported in the British media, which usually just focus on casualties anyway, it is good to hear another side 'from the horse's mouth' about other aspects of military life.

Another is patriotism. Another is that if we send people to kill and be killed on our behalf, the least we can do is take an interest.

The latest blog contribution, however, is from an army chaplain, and therefore is particularly worth a read. Here is a snippet, follow the link for the rest:

For me, faith is also central, it is vital to things, because I know at the deepest level, God is, and has been, with me in all things. And of course in the darker corners of life on tour, where the memories paint pictures we would rather discard, the cross to which we journey at Easter points Christians to a God who has known humanity’s worst laid upon His Son, but Who extinguished all the power of pain and hate and hurt in the resurrection.

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  1. Thanks for this John.

    I have two such blogs in my roll - one that is conspicuously an Army Padre blog and the other whose author is known to me and two others who is a very senior Army chaplain. Both are wonderful. I advocate the reading of them because they speak of absolute relevancy - a refreshing notion in the church at times.

    This too might be of interest:

    I am, incidentally, the Padre for the ACF in Bucks!