Saturday, 9 October 2010

A blast (literally) from the past

It has been a difficult couple of weeks in the Richardson household, not helped by re-carpeting the place and re-tiling the kitchen floor (think 'moving house but without a furniture van to put stuff in').

The one compensation has been finding stuff I thought I'd lost (eg a wallet for my SatNav inside an unused fish-kettle donated by someone else, and now gone to a good home thank to FreeCycle).

One of the real joys was to find a cassette copy of a recording made whilst I was at St John's College, Nottingham, of the one and only performance of scratch jazz band 'Prohibition'. Thanks to modern software (specifically Audacity), I was able to take out some of the noise and enhance the sound a bit, and here, for your pleasure (or at least, amusement) is the first track.

I don't need anyone telling me it isn't great. It wasn't meant to be great, it was meant to be fun - probably the most fun I've ever had. For the record (excuse the pun) the line-up is Bev Martens (violin, vocals, piano), Pete Howard (trumpet, piano), Ian 'Bud' Gemmell (drums), John 'Mind, He's Strictly Rhythm' Richardson (guitar).

Bev went with her husband Jim to work in India. Pete Howard is in Norwich diocese and, I think, Rural Dean of Norwich East. I thought Bud Gemmell was in Leicester, but now I'm not sure. And of course you know where I live. 

For some real class, listen to the second track with Bud's drum solo. You'll understand why he was nicknamed after the incomparable Buddy Rich.

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  1. Listening to your amazing Summer Time, I was disturbed to read that someone wanted me to 'download Babylon for free'. Isn't that something to do with the mark of the beast and 666 and the Bishop of Rome??

  2. Hi +Edwin. Babylon turns out to be a translator programme - though shouldn't that be 'Babel', or indeed 'Pentecost'?