Sunday, 26 September 2010

Saturday with the Philip Project

I spent most of yesterday teaching for the Philip Project in London. As their website says,

The Philip Project aims to contribute towards the training of faithful Bible teachers among Christian international students, short-term professionals and church volunteers from all over the world residing in UK. This is done by seeking to develop both the skills and the character to faithfully handle the Scriptures.

(OK, there's a split infinitive - but this is about Bible teachers, not pedants like me for English grammar.)

The topic was interpreting and teaching from apocalyptic literature, especially the book of Revelation, and although I've decided that categorizing anything as 'apocalyptic' doesn't really help (it just makes it look scary), it was great to have such an attentive and committed audience.

Many of them are Care Force volunteers, and the plan is that eventually, like the Ethiopian in Acts 8, they will 'go on their way, rejoicing' to places where they will become teachers and evangelists themselves.

Thanks to Geoff and Alastair, the coordinators, for this invite.

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