Thursday, 16 September 2010

No Talk-ie Talk-ie, no blog!

For eight days now we have been without a phone line and therefore without any internet. Hence the lack of blogging. The phone went down last Wednesday, and despite repeated call to the customer support line (albeit in Bombay) there is still no service and no contact from the phone company to let us know how things are 'progressing'.

I have just gone through the rigmarole of changing the supplier (how hard can it be to fill in an online form? Answer: very!). We'll still have no phone, but at least I'll have someone different I can complain to.


PS this may have something to do with my 'going postal' at the Deanery Chapter yesterday when hearing about the new diocesan scheme to discourage encourage lay ministry.

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  1. Dear John

    That's a shame. Your internet connection goes down just as His Grace has returned to the Blogosphere. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

    Derek Smith, Singapore.

  2. John,
    I was interested in your 'P.S.' It seems that all Dioceses work the same way. Something about "Power ...and Control" not "Power and love and self-control . .". I have usually found that the best way in the parishes is just to get on with the ministry of the whole people of God. The Diocese will still be talking about 'lay ministry' when the last trump sounds.