Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blogger spamming issue and comments

It appears that the whole 'Blogger' system has suddenly been hit by 'spam' comments, despite word verification systems being in place, and that some blogs are even being locked out or deleted as a result.

I have had over seventy spam comments this morning and in order to try and avoid losing the blog I have reduced comments to allow only people with Google accounts to comment on the blog.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience. If it doesn't work, I may have to disable comments entirely until the issue is sorted.

John Richardson

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  1. I had that happen a year or so ago and have had no problem since enabling comment moderation. I only get a rare inappropriate solicitation which is easily rejected. For active blogs, moderation does slow the flow of ideas, but until a better contra-spam device is developed, I am sticking with the moderation method.

  2. what a bore. And the spams are sooo useless. If they sold rolex or something then fine but such rubbish, I don't see the point.

    On a prayerful point do pray for a vicar friend of ours who is in hospital. He had cancer 8 yrs ago and CT scans awaiting. Maybe this is not appropriate but prayer is a powerful resource and comfort and healing needed for him and his family.
    cheers to anyone who takes this in hand and knee!