Thursday, 15 July 2010

"Rev" - 3 down and still not funny

Well, maybe it is funny for some people, but it certainly isn't making me laugh. I just watched episode 3 all the way through on the BBC i-player trying to work out why it is at best just occasionally vaguely amusing, and I think the problem is there are absolutely no surprises. Instead, we have a series of stereotypes behaving stereotypically. Even the expressions of belief or doubt are stereotypical - and the ending, where the strip club is to be built opposite the church, not the school, was obvious as soon as you saw the big bus in the way and heard Colin's character speaking about a victory seeing off the 'powers of evil', or some such (sorry for the spoiler).

I honestly found myself thinking I could write something about religion funnier than this. That probably isn't true, by the way, but it's a measure of how bad I think it is.

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  1. I find myself trying to figure out why Fr Ted was so continually hilarious and why Rev is just depressing. It surely can't be that Fr Ted was about Catholics while Rev is closer to home? Can it?

  2. I wonder if the BBC count it as part of their legal requirement for religious broadcasting…

  3. Did you say part of their legal requirement?

    I say give it six months and a second series of Rev will be the sum total of religious broadcasting! (due to popular demand of course...)

  4. I did not think it was supposed to be funny. I thought it was an 'art' production on the Church of England.
    I must say the funniest bit and perhaps lightest bit was when rev took his collor off and told the builders to 'F.........'
    It seemed to be rather freeing actually. You really felt how he felt... and how the whole series felt... very fustrated and fed up.