Thursday, 8 July 2010

Additions to the blogroll

The world of Christian blogging has recently lost two significant contributors. Ruth Gledhill is still alive, but locked behind the Times's new 'paywall' - which seems pretty self-defeating for a blog and I'll bet Ruth is chewing her knuckles in frustration. (I wonder if she's allowed to post 'yes' or 'no' on other people's blogs?) The other loss - far more mysterious - is the religio-political commentator known only as Cranmer (a kind of 'Stig of the Church'). Nothing has been posted on his blog for three weeks, following the appearance of a genuinely ominous painting of a martyrdom.

To keep things interesting, I've (temporarily, I hope) added two replacement blogs to my blogroll. One is The Llandaffchester Chronicles - I have no idea what is going on there, but the latest video clip is hilarious. The other is Bad Vestments. It speaks for itself (as, indeed, do they for themselves). Enjoy.

John Richardson

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  1. I grieve for the loss of dear old Crannie. I know he suffers from the Churchillian 'black dog' and I am fearful for his health.

  2. His Grace coughed a little on Twitter on 6 July. I read that as good news.

  3. I saw the cough. Didn't know that was him!

  4. I could never get the fascination with reactionary views written in the third person. Presumably I wasn't in on the joke.