Monday, 28 June 2010

Woe is England

American Christian rocker Larry Norman used to describe our national sport as "footbaal".

This morning I think it was a pretty good gag.

I don't mind England not being a very good football team. What I do mind is it being made up of footballers whom people think good enough to idolize when they aren't playing for England.

Wisely, I made the decision to hibernate during our encounter with Germany.

By all means, let those who wish to go on being fans and followers of English football, but in future can we start with the understanding that the team is not very good?.

The one good thing is that as very high earners at least they should be putting a lot back in by way of taxes in future.

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  1. Yea, as soon as you live in any other country, the bizarre English expectation that it is our birthright to always win at Football, Cricket, Rugby etc is laid bare and plain for all to see. Footbaal is right. Even the American expectations (not known for understatement) are more in line with reality. Honestly the insane expectations of English success are a thousand times more humiliating than the team's results.

  2. I'm not a fan of soccer, rugby or "international" football, but as a lifelong fan of the Boston Red Sox (baseball), I can well understand the longing for one's team to pull a victory off. The Sox had a long losing streak, since 1918. There's be good teams, and bad over the decades, some times they'd be magnificent all season long and then lose the World Series by making spectacularly bad plays. I can understand the heart break, and as bad as a team might be, for what ever reason, the loyalty isn't so much to the players, but the dream.

    BTW, despite being logged into my wordpress account, your blog wouldn't allow my comment to go through when I selected wordpress to post, so I had no other choice but to select anonymous.