Monday, 7 June 2010

Premier Radio Debate: Homosexuality and the Church


In response to listener requests Justin Brierley hosts two shows dealing with Homosexuality and Christian faith.

This second show addresses whether the church is homophobic in its attitude towards gay people.  Would a gay person feel welcome at an evangelical church?  Should practising gays be allowed to become church members or receive communion?  Has the church focussed on the gay issue to the exclusion of all other sins?

Mike Dark of the organisation "Accepting Evangelicals" is a gay Christian in a same sex relationship.  He says he experienced rejection and homophobia in his church when he "came out" as gay, but has since found a church where same sex relationships are welcomed.

John Richardson (who blogs as the Ugley Vicar) is part of the conservative-evangelical Anglican group Reform.  He believes there is a line to be drawn when it comes to the church condoning same sex activity among its members.

Martin Hallett is the former director of The True Freedom Trust.  As a Christian of homosexual orientation he chooses to remain celibate, believing the Bible does not condone same sex activity.  But he says the church is often guilty of homophobia too.

The first show is here.
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