Monday, 15 February 2010

Why God gave us brains and the internet?

Someone, somewhere, spends their precious time on this.

Actually, before wasting your equally precious time, I should point out it is a 'satirical' website attacking all things GAFCON, which apparently includes me. Kind of an honour, really!

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  1. Hi John,

    David Ould has also encountered this guy. However, he does have a point. The ad I'm getting at the moment has the heading "Meet sexy Aussie singles" along with a photo of a girl who blonde, attractive & well-endowed (& not afraid to show it). Have you talked to Google about the ads they run on your blog, or considered another provider which doesn't require you to host their ads?

    Roger Gallagher

  2. On the ads front, I don't have to have them - they make a little bit of money so I choose to. I can also 'ban' certain ads, but unfortunately I cannot 'pre-empt' them - in other words, an ad has to appear before I know to ban it, and know who it is to ban. At the moment, I'm not getting that ad on the site, so I may not be able to prevent it re-appearing, but it if does, and you let me know the url, I can easily stop it appearing again.

  3. It makes a change from the GAFCON section of the site. That used to carry adverts from a Californian construction company with a similar name. So much for targetted adverts!

  4. Hi Fr. John,

    I must say ... I'm a little jealous! No one has parodied me, yet.

    What's your secret?