Sunday, 8 November 2009

Drugs: Better than reality

From Clive James at his usual level of excellence:
Decriminalise all the drugs, put things back the way they were before the roof fell in, and you might still be stuck with people for whom real life simply isn't thrilling enough, even when they are otherwise quite good at it.

I think they're wrong, but it isn't easy to make a case. Western civilization is up against it in that respect. Now that religious faith is so weak a force, how do you convince people that ordinary life is worth the effort?

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1 comment:

  1. I was very interested to hear Clive James on the radio on my way to Church this morning. It struck a chord with me to think many people cannot face reality because, without a bigger framework and meaning, there's no point. Eat, drink, smoke/ inject and be merry for tomorrow we die...

    We Christians need to find new and imaginative ways to communicate to outsiders the transformative impact of the Gospel on our lives. Sadly, we are often perceived as more interested in our own in house concerns than the life of the world.