Friday, 23 October 2009

The 'indigenous people' of Chelmsford

One of the (many) things that people seem not to like about Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, is his use of the term ‘indigenous people’ to describe the white population of the UK. Thus the BBC report on his appearance on Question Time describes how,
... those he described as the “indigenous people” felt shut out in their own country. “We are the aborigines here,” he said.
I was thus somewhat amused to read the following in the ‘Statement of Needs’ produced to help the Diocese of Chelmsford in its search for a new bishop:
There have been significant areas of church growth in some of the most multi-cultural parts of the Diocese and in our more rural parts we have seen the ageing of the indigenous people and this is particularly so within the Church.
Not only, it seems, am I a member of Griffin’s indigenous people, but the Church of England has to rub my nose in the fact that I am getting old!
John Richardson
(Exits left, Morris dancing awkwardly)
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  1. I hope I am not racist, though I suspect racist sin lies in us all. I am certainly not pro-Griffin or BNP. Yet, I worry, not about him but the secular establishment. On Question Time he was treated fairly roughly by all but Bonnie Greer. Woebetide any who cross the secular concensus. Hypocrisy was rampant. Which party has not adapted to the masses and would push its policies further if given half a chance. There also seems a wilful blindness about the dangers of Islam, not to mention the unqualified approval of homosexuality. Jan Moir chose a poor moment to make her comments on homosexual lifestyles nevertheless her assessment was surely correct.

    At the present the real threat to society is not Griffin and his far right politics but aggressive and pervasive left wing secularism.

  2. When the CofE is thinking about defecting en masse to be ruled by an ex-Hitler-Youth member the faux Nazi Griffin pales by comparison. You couldn't make it up. Who should be treated roughly - no abhorent view (such as gays going to hell??) to be held to account?
    "o wad Some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as others see us"