Thursday, 1 October 2009

Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’

There's an interesting read about Gore Vidal over here. Note, I didn't say 'pleasant read'.


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  1. Actually, John, I thought it rather a good article, and probably a fair representation of the US political scene.

    The guy is a fabulous, incisive and witty commentator...just because he's gay doesn't mean you can't admire him.

    Neil Marshall

  2. I admire Gore Vidal's work very much, but he isn't always right. When he talks about gay relationships, he talks for himself, not for anyone else. I think you could find plenty of heterosexuals who would say much the same about their own ability (or lack of ability) to form relationships. I wouldn't generalise from his specific experience.
    Frank. Merseyside.

  3. Quite frankly, Frank, I didn't see much to admire in that senile rant. Leaving aside relational matters (where I don't profess much competence and which in any case didn't seem to occupy much space therein), a fair proportion of his obiter dicta appeared hyperbolic, paranoid and out of step even from his bien-pensant millieu.

    Michael Canaris
    Sydney, NSW