Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sacked dinner lady - not me, guv'nor!

Or should that be "me not guv'nor"?

I would just like to make clear, having been accused of this once already, that I am not the Revd John Richardson referred to in a story about a dinner lady sacked for a "breach of pupil confidentiality".

I have no idea whether this action was warranted or not, but it took place at Great Tey, not Ugley, and concerns my namesake, not me.

Revd John P Richardson
24 September 2009

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  1. Please accept my apologies for having wrongly thought you may be the person in question.

    Phil Medway Singapore

  2. From across the pond, in the US, I have a sense of the definition of a school "governor" but what, pray tell, is a 'dinner lady"?

  3. Jmoss,

    Dinner ladies prepare and serve the midday meal in schools and keep an eye on the children while they're eating. I think the official title is now something like school meal supervisor, and in at least some places the food is delivered from a kitchen elsewhere so they only have to serve it rather than cook.

    Shaun Clarkson, East Yorkshire.