Sunday, 22 March 2009

Jade Goody: a prayer request

I see from the news this morning (21st March) that reality TV star Jade Goody died in her sleep last night, (reminding us, incidentally, that although this is just one of the tens of thousands of deaths that will happen today, each person is an individual, and that even though the world won't notice, every single one of them matters.)

I notice also that the funeral and burial are to take place at St John the Baptist, Buckhurst Hill (see also here), one of the churches in my own Diocese of Chelmsford. Since the baptism of Jade and her sons was carried out by Revd Corinne Brixton, who is a minister there, I presume Corinne will also be taking the funeral.

It would be good for people to pray for Corinne and the people of St John's, as this is bound to be a very public event. We should also pray for Jade's children, partner and family as the limelight will be on them at an intensely difficult time.

21 March 2009 

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  1. 'husband'not 'partner'!

  2. Quite a thoughtful and measured comment on this from Cranmer


    Chris Bishop

  3. I am a born again Christian, age 71 and live In Australia. I read The Daily Express and Daily Mail and have been deeply moved about the story of Jade Goody. I have been praying for her salvation and was overjoyed to read that she comforted her sons with the words that "I am going to be with Jesus and He will look after me". Can you tell me if indeed the Reverend Jonathon Edwards brought her to know Jesus before she died.

  4. Dear Anonymous

    I only know what I have been able to glean from the press. The baptism was carried out by Revd Corinne Brixton of St John's, Buckhurst Hill. Certainly from the press reports Jade heart was in the right place towards God (though sometimes her head remained very 'Jade'). I doubt whether God is a stickler for detail at such times.

  5. After reading this I was going to say what the first Anonymous said. She was married so we can say husband or widower rather than the omni-present and oh too pc "partner".

  6. To be honest, the marriage had completely slipped my memory - I don't like 'partner' for a spouse, either, but I posted this in a hurry. (Do people really think I'd be PC?)

  7. please pray God will heal my head from claustrophobia and anxiety and all mental problems so I can lay down and rest easily and be able to lay back without that terrible feeling please pray my mom will be happy and healthy thank you!

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