Saturday, 10 January 2009

Everything is more complicated than we think ...

Watching the television and reading the other British media, it is clear what the problem is in the Middle East - a ghastly attack by a powerful state on the neighbour it has itself oppressed for decades, involving a disproportionate use of force in response to 'pinprick' rocket attacks.

Well, maybe. But watch this video and recognize at least the validity of one question it raises: "Why is it OK for Muslims to kill Muslims?" Why have there been no demonstrators on the streets of London complaining about, for example, suicide bombers in Iraq who deliberately, constantly, frequently slay other Iraqis on an industrial scale? Or similar attacks in Pakistan, where if a Mosque is blown up it seems invariably to be by another Muslim?

Watch it to the end, and you may at least come away thinking there are no easy 'heroes and villains'.

Maybe I've just become a victim of 'black propaganda'. Who knows? But God only knows what the rest of this year will be like.

10 January 2008

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