Friday, 24 October 2008

'Atheism on the Buses' - your chance to do something

Are you concerned at all about the atheism on the buses campaign? Do you want to do something in response? Why not contribute to the expenses of the Churches Advertising Network?

They've been putting adverts on commercial radio for some time now. The adverts are short, snappy and reach a wider audience than a London bus (outside London, for a start).

The bottom line is simple: money buys time on commercial radio.

Stop whingeing. Start giving. And tell your friends.

John Richardson

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  1. I can see a positive point to advertise FOR Christianity. But I'm not sure if we should be worried about Aethistic adverts any more than we should eb worried about adverts pushing the pratical outworkings of aethism. After all most people aren't aethists, but are practical aethists.

    Darren Moore

  2. I think the atheist adverts will backfire - for one thing, they make the hedonism of so-called "Humanism" explicit, for anyone who thinks about the slogan. But thanks for putting me on to the Christian Advertising Network - I pass their address each day - I can contribute without using a stamp!

  3. John, have you seen this?